Best flea remedies

Best flea remedies

My cat is allergic to fleas. Have any ideas?

Some friends of ours took our fifth cat when it became apparent that the other cats in the house were bullying her. They wouldn’t let her eat, and she was covered in bite marks where they would just attack her. It wasn’t just the boys, either; my “baby,” our only female left, was the worst! So we were so glad that she went to a new home.

But recently, her brother started breaking out. He has red bumps over his body and he licks himself raw to where his fur is even falling out. We called our vet but didn’t have the money to bring him in yet; she told us it was probably allergies but wasn’t sure. So imagine my surprise when our friends tell us that his sister is suffering from the same condition! It turns out that, according to their vet, it is allergies to fleas—and their cat needed steroids.

My best friend is a nurse and recommended a feline dose of Benedryl, so we may try that; she said she uses the liquid version for her dogs. However, we also need to get rid of the fleas. It’s very strange because our cats don’t go outside; we think they get their fleas from openings in the basement where bugs sometimes come in. They do bring us up regular grasshoppers and crickets, after all…

So what are the best flea remedies you know of? My friends are using Frontline products, and we have already tried shampoos and sprays in the past that we found wanting. Perhaps frontline is in our future. We have also tried flea collars and gel treatments that didn’t work, either, on previous cats that were allowed outside. 

And as far as getting rid of the fleas, my friend mentioned bombing the house. How safe is that? She mentioned that the treatments they are using are expensive, but we are on a severely limited budget right now and won’t be able to do something like that until February. Are there any good natural treatments anyone could recommend? I know from experience that many natural treatments for ants do not work, so I am a bit wary; however, I do trust some herbs and would be willing to give it a shot!

I am guessing we need to treat both the cats and the house. Does anyone out there with experience have some really good ideas to share?