Can the television ease your cat?

Can the television ease your cat?

Is it a good idea to leave the television or radio on for your kitty while you are gone?

You have to go to work? You have to run errands. It is certain that there are times that kitty will be alone in the house. Will turning on the television set or the radio help ease kitty’s loneliness? Will the noise help or calm her?

When you are at home watching the television, your cat seems to adore it. Kitty does her dance to certain music. She will watch when she sees someone dance on the television set, when someone is chasing a ball like during a football game or when she sees another animal on the screen.

These are moments when you are sure kitty likes the television. She even seems to adore some of the music you listen to on the radio. These are all reasons why you think she may like to listen to the same things when you are gone from the house. In fact, it seems reasonable to think these sounds would occupy her mind and make her feel less lonely.

Now stop and think about some of the sudden noises that may appear on that television or radio. There are alerts including those timed ones in which both the radio and the television will suddenly begin blaring an alarm for 30 seconds. This is their way to test their emergency system. Sometimes there will be commercials that will show ambulances.

There are gun shots in various programs. These same noises can be heard in some music today. All of this can be noises that may suddenly show up on a television or radio. If you are not there to monitor the sound level, these noises could frighten your cat. These are reasons why the television or radio may not be good things to play while your cat is alone.

Is there an alternative? You could play a CD and place it on repeat. It could be a CD of relaxing sounds or music that you have previously listened to and know is sound safe. You can even upload a CD onto a digital device if this is easier for you to play.