Is catnip good for your cat?

Is catnip good for your cat?

Why you should give catnip toys and treats to your cat

You love seeing your cat happy? You want your cat to be healthy? Could catnip toys and treats make her healthy and happy? What are the benefits of catnip and is it good for your cat?

If you ever bought catnip for your kitty, you may have noticed that she goes crazy every time she sees or smells it? Some people may even think that it makes their kitty seem as they are drunk. For this reason, they may think it works like a drug and is bad for their kitty.

However, catnip is not a drug. It is an herb, a beneficial herb. Some vets have referred to this herb as a cocktail for cats. It makes cats happy. It can help relieve stress. It can even help them reduce nervousness and some bad habits such as scratching. However, just as a human has to limit their intake of cocktails, a cat should be limited on their intake of catnip. This should be given on once a day.

Catnip is a minty herb. It is sometimes referred to as cat mint. About 50 percent of the cats who are given catnip will show a response to it. This can include such changes in behavior as: excitement, intoxicated appearance, euphoria, drooling, hyperactivity and an increase in meowing.

No, catnip is not harmful. The changes in the cat’s behavior will soon vanish. Catnip is also non-toxic and non-addictive. It comes in many forms such as: dried catnip, catnip oil and catnip toys. It can be purchased at most pet stores, department stores, or some drug stores.

Should you give your cat catnip? This is entirely up to you. However, if the changes in your cat scare you when you give it to her, simply don’t give it to her, again. It is as simple as that.