Gifts you can buy your cats

Gifts you can buy your cats

Presents your cats will enjoy all year.

Whether it is Christmas, her birthday or just a dull Monday, there are many delightful things you can buy for your favorite feline friend that will start her purring. No, purchasing gifts for your cat is not silly, even if you are purchasing them for a holiday occasion.

After all, in most homes, the cat or cats are not just animals or pets, they are part of the family. As a member of the family, they deserve a little gift now and then. They also deserve a gift during the holidays.

What can you buy for your feline friend that she would consider a gift? You can start with the obvious. You can buy toys. Most cats will enjoy some type of toy. This can be something as inexpensive as those cute little jingle balls or catnip filled mice. Some cats even enjoy playing with small stuffed animals.

They will toss them up in the air, chase them and act like they are prey. If you go this route, be weary of stuffed animals with buttons or beads that can come loose with rough play. If you want to make a toy for your cat consider making something that will roll.  Of course, catnip filled toys are fun for most cats.

Most cats will also enjoy treats. You can buy a variety of these from the crunchy to the soft kind.

Cat beds may be a hit with some cats. Yet, don’t be offended if they don’t rush to the bed at once. Cats have to find their own sleeping quarters and it may take them time to become interested in that new bed. Just place it somewhere where that kitty can see it daily and with time she may decide to try it out, all on her own.

You may be tempted to buy cute collars and clothes for your feline friend. Yes, they are darling. However, most cats will agree they should be left at the pet store and should never be put on them. Of course, if you have to walk your cat on a leash, then you have a reason for the shiny collar.

Then kitty just has to deal with the annoyance. If you don’t need to walk kitty on a collar, this writer advises leaving these cute accessories at the store and consider purchasing toys as presents. After all, the present is supposed to be for kitty and to make kitty happy.