Grooming habits that can help your feline friend look purr-fect.

Grooming habits that can help your feline friend look purr-fect.

Help your cat look her best all year.

Cats are clean freaks by nature. They hate dirt. Many love to be petted. Right after we pet them, they must give themselves a complete bath, as if we have germs or something. This is all part of their nature and charm. This is what makes cats unique.  However, no matter how hard they try, they need some human help to complete their grooming tasks.

First, all pet owners should comb their kitties daily. This should be done whether kitty is a long haired cat or a short haired one. The ideal time to comb a cat is between five to 10 minutes. However, this can be done in intervals and it can be done in shorter intervals as kitty learns to like this combing process.

When combing kitty, try to use a metal comb from head to tail. If kitty has long hair, you should also comb her belly and leg areas. Next, you should use a rubber brush to remove any loose hair from kitty. Both long haired kitties and short haired ones will shed. Removing the loose hair will help keep fur balls from forming and help keep your home cleaner, as well.

Should you bathe kitty? This will depend on a few issues. Is kitty’s hair oily or dirty? Does kitty smell? How well does kitty like water?

Most cats hate water. However, there are a strange few who likes water. Of course, the earlier you train a cat to bathe, the easier the act is.

You can bathe a kitty in a mild detergent or a shampoo made for cats. Wash kitty as you would any animal. Wet her fur, apply the shampoo or detergent, work the shampoo or detergent into her hair, and rinse thoroughly. You want to have another family member assist you in this task.

Nail clipping is another grooming chore that should be completed. However, this is something that not every pet owner should try to do. If you clip the nail too short, kitty will have a sore foot. If you clip into the pink area of the nail bleeding can occur. You may wish to have your vet or pet groomer do this chore for you.