Help, my kitty has bad breath

Help, my kitty has bad breath

What to do if kitty has bad breath

You love having kitty close to you. You love snuggling around her. You may even like having her lie next to you in bed. But suddenly you realize that kitty’s breath has begun to smell strange. No, kitty never did have minty fresh breath. But now kitty actually has bad breath.  What could be causing it and what should you do?

Kitty could have what is known as halitosis. Halitosis occurs when kitty has bad breath or a strong, fetid type odor coming from her mouth. What causes this halitosis?

Halitosis or bad kitty breath can be caused from something as normal as a buildup of bacteria in kitty’s mouth. Yes, kitty can get bacteria and germs in her mouth, just as humans can.  These bacteria can even cause dental and gum problems, as well as diseases. For this reason, you can begin by trying to look inside kitty’s mouth. If she doesn’t allow this, try to sneak a peek while she is yawning or playing.  Look for brown or yellowing on her teeth. You should also look to see if her gums look red. Of course, your vet can examine her teeth better. This means you may want to take kitty in for a visit.

If the vet rules out a dental problem, she may wonder if kitty is suffering from some heath issues. These health issues can include diabetes. Another sign of diabetes is that kitty’s breath may smell sweeter and fruity and actually bad. You may also notice that she has been drinking and urinating more than usual.

Another health issue is kidney disease. An indicator of this is that kitty’s bad breath may have a urine type smell to it.

How will your vet treat the bad breath? The treatment will vary, depending on the root cause. If a disease is found, it will be treated. If a dental problem is found, it should be addressed the best way possible. This can include adding hard food to your cat’s diet to help fight plague.