What you should do about a shedding cat

What you should do about a shedding cat

Groom your cat regularly to prevent excessive shedding.

Recently, have you noticed that you are seeing more and more cat hair around your house? Why is your cat suddenly shedding so much? Why do cats shed in the first place? What can do about a shedding cat? These are all questions most cat owners have asked, especially those who own long hair cats.

First, one should realize that all animals will shed. This includes humans. They also go through what is known as a shedding process.

The active growth process is the time in which the hair follicle begins to stimulate and the hair grows. The transition process is the when the active hair growth ends. The rest period is when the dead hair begins to fall out or begins to shed.

During the winter months, an animal will have its heaviest coat. This means that cats will begin to shed more in the spring and fall. During the fall, they will shed more as their coats are preparing for winter and in spring they shed more to get rid of their winter coats. Some cat experts believe that indoor cats will shed the same amount, no matter the season. However, this writer has noticed that her kitty does actually shed more in the fall months.

It is also a myth that long hair cats shed more than short hair cats. They both shed the same amount. Of course, the shedding from long hair cats will be more noticeably. Finally, stress and illness can cause your cat to shed more.

What can you do about shedding? You must groom your cat regularly. You must brush and comb her. This will help keep her fur from matting. This will also keep her from swallowing the fur and causing her to suffer from the effects of fur balls. You should also vacuum your floors and furniture more. This will help pick up any loose fur and keep you from breathing it in, thus keeping down any allergies that could occur.