Is your cat getting adequate amounts of water?

Is your cat getting adequate amounts of water?

Keeping your cat’s water bowl clean to ensure that she drinks enough water daily.

Cats are smart animals. They know where they can get water within their homes. They know water lies in your flowers, in the toilet, in the bottom of the sinks and in the bottom of your tubs. These are the places they decide to drink their water from if they are not happy with their water bowls that you provide them. Why wouldn’t they be happy with their water bowls?

They may not be happy with their water bowls because they believe that they are not clean. Water bowls can collect bacteria and germs. They can do this within one day. The solution is a simple one. Pet owners must wash these bowls daily and they must provide fresh water for their cats daily. 

This must be done every day, no matter what time of the year it is. It is essential that one’s cat drinks water during the winter and fall months, just as they must during the spring and summer months. Most cats will do this and they will do it properly, from their water bowls if the water bowls are clean, as well as the water itself.

Of course, one should realize why cats need water. They need water for their health and their survival, just as humans need water. They need water to keep all of their organs operating correctly, including their kidneys. They also need water to keep from dehydrating.

Some pet owners turn to pet water foundations as a solution to the making sure that their cats have adequate water. These foundations can be purchased at most pet stores and will come with instructions on how to clean. The method you choose on how to water your cat is your choice. However, whatever method you choose has to be one that continually provides your cat clean water.