Is your cat getting enough play?

Is your cat getting enough play?

Cat play is important to their health.

Yes, cats are known to sleep a lot. In fact, experts say that cats will sleep 13 to 16 hours a day. That is a lot of sleep. This sleep is good for them. However, in between these bouts of sleep, a cat needs activity. Some of this activity also must include some play time. Play time will help the cat’s physical and mental well being. This includes both inside and outside cats. In fact, play time will help detour indoor cats from developing behavioral problems.

What types of play time do cats enjoy? Most cats will love running after balls, and little pieces of crumbled up paper. They will also run after strings and bat at strings. However, one should never leave a cat alone with a string. A cat can strangle on these. A cat should also not be left alone with a ball small enough to swallow.

Some cats will also play with small stuffed animals. They will kick at them, fight with them and catch them when they are thrown in the air.

There are many toys and activities that a cat will find fun. However, a cat owner should make sure that play time is safe time. For instance, laser lights are effective play toys to use with one’s cat. However, this is a play toy that should never be pointed at the cat’s eye.

If one can, one should play with their cat every day. They should also keep play items out where the cat can play with by themselves, especially if the cat is an indoor cat. Remember a cat that plays daily will be a healthy and happy cat.