Pumpkin and Garlic

Pumpkin and Garlic

A Natural Way to a Healthy Kitty

I have spent years rescuing cats and kittens from all kinds of situations. I have a soft spot for the furry beasts, what can I say? I have a little advice for those of you who find themselves with rescued kitties that will help bring them back to health (if it’s shaky) and maintain their health for years to come.

Feed your four legged darlings canned pumpkin and lots of garlic; although, I wouldn’t advise mixing them together. Canned pumpkin enhances their coats, helps in keeping matted fur to a minimum, and aides their digestive track; just a spoonful of pumpkin once every couple of weeks will do the job.

Garlic helps them stay flea and tick free while keeping other nibbly insects away. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic for when your cat gets the occasional cut or scratches or managed to get into that out right brawl with another neighborhood feline. An elevated level of garlic will also deter and abscess from setting in. Both garlic and pumpkin deter and onset of worms. Neither helps much if the cat already has worms for which they will need to see a veterinarian.  

Homeopathic remedies and preventatives for pets are not as commonly known as people versions but often are similar in their application and success.  You do have to be careful to recognize that not all holistic remedies work for animals but there is ample tried and true methods that have been passed on for generations to learn and use. Considering the cost of a vet visit nowadays; it helps to be aware of little things that you can do with little expense to secure a healthy pet.