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The animal of independence

Cats make wonderful pets for those with a busy lifestyle for a number of reasons. Unlike dogs; cats go to the bathroom inside, sleep a lot during the day and are pretty independent. My mom recently offered me the 8 week old yellow lab she got because it has proven to be a handful when added to the grown chocolate lab and 2 cats she already has. I had to refuse and not because it isn’t adorable, because it really it. But, because I have a 7 month old baby who is going through a lot of changes, including separation anxiety, if I were to take on a puppy, I’d probably lose my mind. If she had offered me a kitten, I would have gladly taken responsibility for the little fur ball.

Cats don’t need your constant attention and that’s what I love about them. My tonkanese cat is a little different in this area, as he is often looking to play with a friend. I solved his constant need to attention by getting him a friend, and now he plays contently with him. However, when the play is done, they both go their separate ways, eat a little food and take a nice long nap.

A cat’s independence is the reason as to why I feel they are the best pet out there. Other than changing the litter box, owning a cat is pretty easy. Their easier to groom than dogs, will quietly sleep on your lap and won’t wake the baby you finally got to sleep at 3 in the morning with their barking. Cats are just wonderful little animals.