Popular places for kitties to sleep

Popular places for kitties to sleep

Is it OK for kitty to sleep with you?

As an owner of a sweet and lovable bundle of fur that loves to purr and meow, you already know that one of kitty’s favorite hobbies is to sleep. Did you know that on average, most cats will sleep 13 or 16 hours a day, if it is an adult cat? For this reason, kitty must have a good bed. Should we humans provide this bed for them?

If you go into the pet store, you will find some really soft and pretty beds that are made just for kitty. All of these beds are padded. Some are even heated. Should we purchase one of these for kitty? This could work. However, this writer hasn’t met a cat yet, who will allow a human to choose their bed. This writer has tried to pick out some really cute beds for her 10 or so cats that she has owned throughout her life. However, every kitty, boy or girl would wrinkle their cute little noses and raise their tails up in the air in a huff. Yes, she has tried store purchased beds, beds of pillows and baskets lined with pillows. Yet, every kitty has picked out their own bed.  The only beds they have liked were the padded kitty perches that were put on a few of her windows. Yet, they were always used more for sightseeing than sleeping.

Where do most of the kitties sleep? The kitties have slept in her clothes closets, on her writing desk, on her sofa, on many places on the floor of her home, in many hiding places in her laundry room, by the sunroom door, underneath the Christmas tree and behind the entertainment center. However, their favorite place to sleep is in the bed with her.

Yes, experts say this isn’t a good place for kitty to sleep. Kitty can disturb the human’s sleep and the human can even disturb the sleeping kitty. Yet, on those cool evenings, many of the kitties have loved to curl up with this writer and she felt the same way. For this reason, there really is no point in the experts warning us kitty lovers not to sleep with our cats. We will continue to do this, even if our husbands pout and even though we may continue buying those cute kitty beds and baskets for their daytime sleeping rituals.